Subject Offered in Junior Forms

  S1 S2 S3
English Language
Chinese Language
Life and Society
Religion & Ethics
Integrated Science
Computer Literacy
Chinese History
INNO-Master -
Visual Arts
Home Economics -
Physical Education


Subject Offered in Senior Forms

S.4 to S.6
Compulsory Subjects: English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Religious and Ethics, Physical Education
Elective Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Health Management and Social Care, Information and Communication Technology, Chinese History, Visual Arts, Ethics and Religious Studies, Mathematics Extended Part (2)

* Most of the subjects are conducted in English.

Our Special Curriculum Highlights:

1. STEAM: Inno-Master, Robotics Team and Scientific Investigation and Invention
2. Debate Team (English and Chinese)
3. Musical Education and English Drama Appreciation
4. Gymnastics