1. Conduct surveys on career paths of graduates and career development needs and problems of students; and initiate differential Life Planning programmes/curriculum/activities according to the survey findings.

  2. Organise career intervention activites for students and their parents. The intervention activities include organise visits to industrial/commercial/academic organisations and invite guest speakers to give career talks on further education and job opportunities.

  3. Provide individual/group guidance and counselling to assist students to understand their aspirations, abilities and needs and plan their career path.

  4. Equip students with job related and life skills, such as interviewing skills, communication skills, decision making skills and social skills etc; and inculcate in students and an early stage a correct attitude towards work.

  5. Arrange Career-related Experience (CRE) activities such as volunteer services and work trial programmes for students, advise students in their CRE/Student Learning Profile and develop appropriate work attitude/reflective thinking skills in them.

  6. Collect, update and disseminate information on further education, vocational training oppotunities, job opportunities and requirements of different jobs.

  7. Alert the students of the possible traps, and assist them when they apply for further studies and jobs.

  8. Promote the awareness of safety at work for school leavers as well as for young students taking up temporary summer work.

Committee Members

Teacher-in-charge Ms. Wong Yu Shan
Members Ms. Lee Yuen Dan Mr. Chan Ki Hong  Ms. Lui Ka Yi
Ms. Chan Ming Kwan Ms. Tai Nine Wai Mr. Chun King Yeung
Ms. Tsang Woon Ling Ms. Lam Yin Ping Ms. Wu Chui Lam (SEN)


Study Paths for S3-S5 School Leavers (中三至中五離校生進修階梯)

Local Studies (本地升學)

Oversea Studies (海外升學)