1. Let students know about the teaching of the Bible and Jesus.

  2. Develop students’ empathy so that they will love their family, school and the society.   

  3. Develop students’ positive life attitude through exploring topics such as justice, virtues and consciences.


Religion & Ethics (School based, F1 – F6, compulsory)

  1. Junior Secondary

    • Praying, the Bible, faith, creation of God, birth of Jesus, temptation, Lent, reconciliation, Mary.

    • Value of human being, puberty, freedom, integrity, respecting the others, love and marriage, peace, healthy life, pornography, simple life, stress, community.

  2. Senior Secondary

    • Gambling, drug abuse, violence, multicultural harmony, dating, love and marriage, mass media, enneagram, emotion and stress, work, interpersonal relationships, self-development.

Ethics & Religious Studies (NSS public exam, F4 – F6)

  • Normative Ethics

    • The nature of morality, theory of conduct, Theory of Value and Virtue

  • Personal and Social Issues

    • Human Rights, Life and Death, Sex, Companionship and Family, Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, Business and Economic Ethics, Media Ethics

  • Religious Traditions (Christianity)

    • Textual Background, The faith of the Old Testament, History and identity of Israel in the Old Testament, History between the two Testaments, Socio-political Background, Palestine in the first century A.D., Jesus’ Ministry, birth and childhood, Baptism, Temptation, Miracles, Passion, Resurrection and Ascension, Jesus’ Teachings, Jesus’ Identity, Development of the Early Church


Religion & Ethics KLA Coordinator Ms Tam Wing Shan
Members Ms Au Ming Chai Ms Lui Ka Yi