1. To develop students’ confidence in using English in a wide variety of contexts.

  2. To inspire students to take responsibility for their own self-learning in English.

  3. To develop an enjoyment of exploration and encourage a strong reading habit in English.

  4. To provide a range of learning opportunities to appeal to students’ different learning styles.

  5. To extend students’ knowledge and experience of other cultures through the English medium.


Junior Forms:

  • Strengthen students' knowledge in grammar and vocabulary so they can excel in the four essential skills i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  • Arouse students' interests in English through the use of language arts and various form activities and competition.

Senior Forms:

  • Continue the good practices in Junior Forms

  • Elective modules chosen:

    • Learning English through Popular Culture

    • Learning English through Social Issues

    • Learning English through Workplace Communication


Teacher-in-charge Mr. Lau Chi Yat  
Deputy Teacher-in-charge Ms. Chu Hoi Yan  
Members Mr. Chong Kit Hung Ms. Chan Ming Kwan
Ms. Hung Pui Wa Ms. Lam Man Shan
Ms. Lee Man Yi Ms. Wong Wai Han
Ms. Lo Yee Man Ms. Wong Yu Shan