In order to nurture students with the whole-person development and have the experiential learning with a deeper understanding of knowledge beyond the classroom, Life-wide learning achieves these learning goals in various aspects. There are five essential learning experiences in Life-wide learning which include Intellectual development, Values Education, Physical and Aesthetic Development, Community Service and Career-related Experiences. These five essential learning experiences are largely implemented through Other Learning Experience (OLE) lessons, Visits, School teams, Student Union, Clubs and Societies and Interest Classes. With a wide range of programmes, these broaden students’ horizons, nurture positive values, and develop the habits of active learnings.

Committee Members

Teacher-in-charge Mr. Lee Kai Chun
Members Mr. Tong Yick Lai Mr. Chan Ka Chuen
Ms. Wu Chui Lam Ms. Cheng Wing Sze
Ms. Yau Yuk Yu