Aims of HMSC are:

  • Nurturing students as responsible and caring citizens who lead and promote a healthy life style for the well-being of individuals, families, communities and society.
  • Enhancing students’ life-long learning skills by helping them carry our analysis and evaluation from different perspectives and levels, and work out constructive solutions for health and social care issues.

Key features of HMSC include:

  • Focusing on authentic learning experience, emphasizing both theory and application
  • Emphases on developing students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Articulation with tertiary education programmes to prepare students for further studies and career development.

Career Prospects include:

Recently, our students have successfully enrolled in Nursing and Public Health programmes (Degree and Higher Diploma) of local universities. And they are expected to enter the health care sector, social welfare sector, business sector, education sector and public administration sector etc.


Curriculum Structure and Organization:

Compulsory Part

  • Personal development, social care and health across the lifespan
  • Health and social care in the local and the global contexts
  • Responding to needs in the areas of health (care, promotion and maintenance) and social care
  • Promotion and maintenance of health and social care in the community
  • Health promotion and maintenance and social care in action

Elective part

  • Extended study on health promotion and health maintenance services
  • Extended study on community and social care services
  • Current issues of health and social care


Teacher-in-charge Mr. Chan Chi Keung Andy