Champion of Super Talent Singing Competition

Congratulations to KTS Singers. Our senior vocal group (instrument free) won the championship in Group Singing and Choir category in the Super Talent Singing Competition (沙田超新聲歌唱大賽). The song they chose is “This is Me”. They made an amazing performance. Their beautiful voices and harmonize, excellent rhythm and timing were praised by the adjudicators. Their performance also won The Favorite Song Award, voted by hundreds of audience of the competition.

4A  22      劉霈璁      LAU PUI CHUNG

5A  19      何洛賢      HO LOK YIN

5A  31      楊弘一      YEUNG WANG YAT

5B  13       楊善婷      YEUNG SIN TING 

5C  01       歐梓柔      AU TSZ YAU