Highly Commended Prize

With some on-stage experience, our Jazz Dance Team participated in the 53rd Hong Kong Schools Dance Competition.  The dance lasts for 3 minutes and is called “Footloose”. They were awarded the Highly Commended Prize in this competition. 


Class  Class No. English Name Chinese Name
1A 04 Fung Ching Yiu 馮靜瑤
1C 01 Chan Hin Kwan 陳衍君
1C 04 Chang Ka Hei 庄嘉熙
1C 06 Lau Sze Yi 劉思懿
1C 14 Zhao Sum Yi 趙心怡
1D 08 Sit Yan Tung 薛銦桐
3A 07 Choi Yuen Ting 蔡婉婷
2B        14 Pang Fong Yee 彭芳儀
2B         07 Lau Sui Tung 樓帥彤
2C          06 Hui Man Yin 許敏賢
2D          11 Tsui Ka Wai 徐嘉蔚
3B      15 Tsui Yeuk Hei 徐若熙
3C       08 Kwok Hay Yee 郭禧怡
3C    11 Leung Ching Yan   梁靖欣
3D     16 Yam Wing Tung 任穎彤
4C        06 Kwan Pak Yan 關柏欣
4C   10 Leung Tsz Ning   梁芷齡
4C      17 Wong Lok Yi 黃樂誼
4D       05 Ma Jia Xiang   馬佳祥
4D    07 Tang Cheuk Lam 鄧卓琳