Education Goals

To achieve an all-round education and maintain a balanced development of the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects of life.

Moral Education

  • To introduce to students the life of Christ and to help them develop a positive and constructive attitude towards life based on the teachings and values of Christ.
  • To foster an open and respectful attitude towards the religion.
  • To instill an idea of self-respect, self-discipline and introspection.
Intellectual Education
  • To guide students in acquiring knowledge of different subject areas to cope with the needs of society; to help students develop their inquiring mind and the ability of self-learning to cope with the ever-changing world.
  • To encourage students to face challenges positively and to equip them with discernment and independent thinking.
Physical Education
  • To provide students with multifarious extra-curricular activities to train students' mind and body, to foster team spirit and cooperation and to help students develop their potentials.
Social Education
  • To help students understand interpersonal relationship and develop proper community life.
  • To cultivate students' sense of belonging to the school.
  • To help students understand their rights and obligations, form civic and democratic minds and develop an awareness of our society.
  • To pass on the virtues of Chinese tradition and instill an idea of patriotism and nationalism.
  • To establish good discipline and maintain a simple school ethos.
Aesthetic Education
  • To help students develop their imagination and creativity.
  • To boost students' interest in and appreciation of fine art.
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