• 2017-10-19

S1 admission (中一入學申請)

S1 Admission (中一入學申請) Application Guidelines (申請指引) Secondary 1 Admission Talk (升中家長簡介會) Primary 6 parents are invited to KTS to find out more about our vision and mission, and the application details of the Secondary One Discretionary Places Allocation.  誠邀小六家長出席「升中家長簡介會」,以了解本校的辦學理念及中一入學申請之詳情。 Session 1  第一場 Date: 18 November, 2017 (Saturday) Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Session 2...

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  • 2017-12-02

The semi-final round of the Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Challenge (2017-2018 New-Territory East Region)

The semi-final round of the Hong Kong Primary Mathematics Challenge (2017-2018 New-Territory East Region), organized by the Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Schools Council (Secondary Section), was held on 2nd December 2017 at our school. Around 470 students attended the maths competition. 2 sessions of competition were held, namely the individual and the group sessions.Gallery:The semi-final round of the Hong Kong Primary Mathematics...

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  • 2017-11-25

Reading Carnival Folk Song Competition

The Vocal Group got the 2nd Runner-up and the Award for the best cooperation team in the Reading Carnival Folk Song Competition.

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  • 2017-11-25

Reading Carnival Drama Competition

The S1 students got the Commendation Award in the Reading Carnival Drama Competition.

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  • 2017-11-24

School Visit

 Students from Sin Chu Wan Primary School visited our school on Nov 21, 2017 to experience learning in secondary school. They grasped this golden opportunity to try out secondary school lessons, meet and talk with our students, and explore our school campus. 

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  • 2017-11-23

Graduates’ Updates Dean’s List

Graduates’ Updates Dean’s List   Year Name University Faculty         2015-2016 CHENG WING SZE Baptist University 1. Bachelor of Social Science(Hons.) in Geography 2. Bachelor of Education (Hons.) in Liberal Studies Teaching...

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2017-12-15 中六級畢業考試 S6 Final Examination
2017-12-08 電子通告 electronic school notices
2017-12-08 聖誕師生同樂日 Christmas Celebration
2017-11-10 有關戶外活動日事宜 (School Outing)
2017-11-10 中一至中五級家長日 (S1 - S5 Parents’ Day)
2017-10-20 中二級通識教育科長者探訪 (S2 Liberal Studies Elderly Visit)
2017-10-20 中六級「參觀本地大專院校 / 台灣高等教育展」 (Visit of Tertiary Institutions / Taiwan Higher Education Expo)
2017-10-13 中一級參觀特區政府升旗禮活動及九七香港回歸資料展覽
2017-10-10 『香港中學生健康』問卷家長同意書
2017-10-06 第三十一屆陸運會 (The 31st Sports Days)
2017-10-06 中一級通識教育科學習活動 (Liberal Studies Activity for S1 Students)
2017-09-29 電子通告 (The launch of electronic school notices)
2017-09-29 有關明愛獎券認購詳情及安排 (Caritas Charity Raffle Ticket Sale)
2017-09-22 中一至中五第一學期統測及中六第一學期考試時間表
2017-09-21 多元出路講座 (Multi-pathway Talk for S5 and S6 students)
2017-09-20 課外活動 - 興趣班
2017-09-20 中六級「面試工作坊」 (Interview Workshop for S6 Students)
2017-09-20 「大學聯招辦法」重要日程及聯招資訊 (Information Days and Key Days of JUPAS Applications)
2017-09-18 eClass Parent App
2017-09-15 功課、測考安排、成績匯報及升班標準事宜
2017-09-15 Various Academic Arrangements
2017-09-15 雜項收費及保險計劃事宜
2017-09-08 中六級溫習班及補課安排
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