• 2017-05-17

The 53rd Hong Kong Schools Dance Competition

With some on-stage experience, our Jazz Dance Team participated in the 53rd Hong Kong Schools Dance Competition.  The dance lasts for 3 minutes and is called “Footloose”. They were awarded the Highly Commended Prize in this competition.   Class  Class No. English Name Chinese Name 1A 04 Fung Ching Yiu 馮靜瑤 1C 01 Chan Hin...

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  • 2017-05-11


Vocal group participated in the singing competition organized by the Association of Chinese Culture of Hong Kong. Their co-operation, beautiful tone color and good singing skills  were praised by the adjudicators and their perfect performance won all the prizes in ensemble singing , 1st runner up and 2nd runner up in solo singing , 1st runner up in duet singing . We are very proud of their great performance. Ensemble Singing -...

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  • 2017-05-11

Classical Music Radio Drama Broadcast Contest

Congratulations to three of the KTS form 3 students.  After attending  2 workshops organized by RTHK Radio 4, they participating the Classical Music Radio Drama Broadcast Contest in April.  They won the 1st runner- up in the secondary class.  The script of their choice is “Conductor”. 1st runner- up Class Name 3C 30 Wong Yu Chun 3D 8 Le Sayec Clemence Irene Yvette...

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  • 2017-04-26

Stepping up Gifted Education

Curriculum enhancement to benefit student learning.

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  • 2017-03-31

Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Congratulations to our Recorder Band. They got several prizes in the HKSMSA recorder competition in March – the Champion and 1st Runner Up in ensemble playing and the Champion and 2nd Runner Up in duet competition. They have practised hard for the competition and we greatly appreciate the efforts they made. We are very proud of them. Recorder Ensemble : Champion Class  Name 4C Chung Oi Yiu...

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2017-05-12 S.1-S.5 Second Term Examination Timetable (中一至中五下學期考試時間表)
2017-04-28 2016 – 2017 Annual Speech Day (周年畢業典禮)
2017-04-28 S.3 Territory-wide System Assessment (中三級全港性系統評估研究測試)
2017-03-31 中二深圳黃埔軍校訓練課程家長觀禮團
2017-03-10 Whampoa Military Training for S.2 students (中二深圳黃埔軍校訓練課程講座)
2017-03-10 S1 Science Activity (中一級科學科活動)
2017-03-10 S.1 Integrated Science Creativity Workshop (中一級綜合科學創意訓練工作坊)
2017-02-28 Annual Speech Day (周年畢業典禮)
2017-02-28 S.1 - S.5 Second Term Uniform Tests (中一至中五 第二學期統測)
2017-02-28 Matters Concerning Revision Classes for S.6 Students after the Final Examination (有關中六級試後溫習班事宜)
2017-02-24 English Drama Performance for S4 (中四級英語話劇欣賞)
2017-02-17 S.1 – S.5 Parents’ Days (中一至中五級家長日通告)
2017-02-17 eClass Parent App
2017-02-13 Payment of S6 Graduation Dinner and Graduation Book (代收中六畢業生聚餐及畢業同學錄款項)
2017-02-06 S3 Cross-curricular Activity – Art Tour @ K11 (中三級英文及視藝科聯科活動)
2017-02-06 30th Anniversary Banquet (三十周年校慶晚宴)
2017-01-23 S.5 University Campus Visit (中五級「參觀大學」)
2017-01-23 Matters Concerning Tutorial Classes and Make-up Classes for S.5 Students (有關中五級分組導修及補課事宜)
2017-01-13 eClass Parent App
2016-12-17 特定用途收費及冷氣費
2016-12-16 S.6 Final Examination (中六級畢業考試)
2016-12-02 Christmas Celebration and First Term Exam & S.6 Special Timetable (聖誕師生同樂日、第一學期考試及中六級特別上課時間表)
2016-11-18 The 30th Sports Days (第三十屆陸運會)
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