• 2016-04-09

Gold award in singing contest

Congratulations to our vocal group.  They have been awarded 2 Gold awards and 1 silver award in ensemble singing and a cappella organized by the HK Joint School Music Association. Gold Award Class Name 4C WONG KIN LONG 4C KWAN CHUN YUEN   Gold Award Class Name 4A CHOU KAI WEN 4D WONG YING TING 5C LAI HOI YI...

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  • 2016-04-09

Congratulations to Our Outstanding Recorder Band

Recorder Band joined the HKJSMA recorder competition on 6th April and 9th April. They got 3 gold awards, 6 silver awards and 1 bronze award in ensemble class and solo class. Gold award - recorder ensemble Class Name 5D TANG CHING YIN JONATHAN 5C LAI HOI YI 5C CHAN WAI KIT 4D WONG YING TING   Gold award - recorder ensemble Class Name...

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  • 2016-04-08

TV news

We have been awarded “Top 10 School with Outstanding Participation in Junior Level” and 5B Lau Tsz Sum has been awarded “Outstanding Performance in Senior Level – Phase 1”. Class Name 5B Lau Tsz Sum  

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  • 2016-04-08

English Builder

Our students are keen on making good use of online learning platforms to polish their English. The following students have been awarded “Outstanding Students” by English Builder: Class Name 4D Cheung Wing Yan 4D Leung Ho Hei 4D Cheng Hiu Lam   Class Name 5A Yau Kwan Ho 5B Perry Pun 5C Mak Tsz...

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  • 2016-03-03

Inter-School Long Distance Run Competition

Class Name 3A Fung Cheuk Yin 3D Wong Alvin 4C Ip Tak Hei 4C Lai Chun Ho 4C Tam King Hei 4D Tam Ho Hin  

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  • 2016-03-01

Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Recorder Band joined the HKSMSA recorder competition in March. They got the champion of ensemble playing and duet competition. They also got merit in band.  We are proud of their great performance. Champion - Recorder ensemble Class Name 5D TANG CHING YIN JONATHAN 5C CHAN WAI KIT 4D WONG YING TING 4B WONG BERT MOSES   Champion - Recorder Duet...

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Publish Date Title
2016-04-21 Music Activity for S3 Students (中三級 音樂科活動)
2016-04-15 中二深圳黃埔軍校訓練課程家長觀禮團
2016-04-01 The Use of the School Campus as Public Exam Centre (有關借用考試場地事宜)
2016-04-01 軍訓通告 (報名表及活動內容)
2016-04-01 軍訓通告 (軍訓講座)
2016-04-01 特定用途收費及冷氣費
2016-04-01 中四「新高中應用學習課程」簡介會
2016-04-01 職業輔導日
2016-04-01 Whampoa Military Training for S.2 students (中二深圳黃埔軍校訓練課程講座)
2016-03-04 預防流感
2016-03-01 Payment of S6 Graduation Dinner and Graduation Book (代收中六畢業生聚餐及畢業同學錄款項)
2016-03-01 Matters Concerning Revision Classes for S.6 Students after the Mock Exam (有關中六級試後溫習班事宜)
2016-03-01 Annual Speech Day (周年畢業典禮)
2016-02-26 S.5 University Campus Visit (中五級「參觀大學」)
2016-02-26 S.1-S.5 2nd term test (中一至中五級 第二學期統測)
2016-02-26 S.1 Science Activity (中一級科學科活動)
2016-02-26 S.4 English Drama Performance (中四級英語話劇欣賞)
2016-02-24 S3 Visits to Community of Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong (中三級 香港社區文化遺產考察)
2016-02-18 S.1 – S.5 Parents’ Days (中一至中五級家長日)
2016-02-01 領袖訓練營
2016-01-26 有關中五級分組導修及補課事宜
2016-01-22 重要通告
2016-01-22 S1 Cross-curricular Activity (中一級英文及家政科聯科活動)
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